Final Day for Memphis at the Santora NEXT THURSDAY; Epic Boozefests Planned All Week

Downtown SanTana's fabled Memphis at the Santora is closing for good this Sunday, and the Memphis boyos plan to go out not just with a bang, but multiple bangs.

Tonight Next Wednesday is the ever-beautiful Dinner With Dave, although our Dave Mau won't be cooking food but rather hold a musical extravaganza. Next Thursday, longtime Memphis presence Dave Hastie (sorry, Dave: never learned your exact title other than “badass”) plans his own shindig. This Friday, I'll be there with my best pal getting blotto, as Memphis was my local for many years. And Sunday?


Sunday will be the last Yacht Party, the eminently successful Sunday brunch musicfest. There will be food, and the party will end at the mythical ??? hour.

I'm also hearing Memphis legends from the past–Ricky Yarnell, Johnny Sampson, among others–might show up. And so should you. See you there! I'll be underneath a table, passed out or shit…and apologies for all the corrections, but Dave Mau gave me one too many Hurricanes this morning!

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