FIDLAR On What It's Like To Party With The Hives

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Since 2009, FIDLAR (an acronym for Fuck It Dog, Life's A Risk) continue to unleash their brand of slacker punk all over Southern California. Starting with house parties, the band's DIY ethos earned them fans from old school punks to younger party animals. This year, they parlayed that clout into an opening slot for Swedish garage rock veterans The Hives. Before they play at The Observatory tonight, we caught up with bassist Brandon Schwartzel and drummer Max Kuehn who filled us in on their new album and stories about hanging with the Hives and learning their habits.


OC Weekly (Daniel Kohn): What is it like touring with The Hives?

Max: They're the nicest dudes and the best band. They're the model for what bands should be.

What's it about them, at least in your opinion, which keeps them relevant this far into their career?

Brandon: They've been a band since '93 with the same members and they're such like a band's band, and they go full-on all the way. They have these characters that they are on-stage. They take it seriously to the point where they're in uniform during soundcheck.

Max: They have casual, coordinated clothing. They came out to a bar on Elvis' birthday wearing their Hives gear.

Brandon: They sang a Swedish birthday song that quieted the whole bar. It was four of them belting out this song. It was four of them and we were going pretty hard and one of them got kicked out of the bar. I think it was Carl (Vigilante Carlstroem).

Max: He's a big dude so you can't really kick him out. He flipped off the bartender and walked out. It was the biggest middle finger I've ever seen.

Besides getting thrown out of bars, what else did you pick up from them?

Max Kuehn: To be a band and not to have egos. Of course they have their on-stage presence, but it's all just an act. They're the most humble, coolest dudes ever. Watching their interactions with each other showed that you can be a real band and be cool with each other and not have that weird hierarchy.

Brandon Schwartzel: The thing I got out of the tour is that they're so committed to what they do. We're very different, but we're going to do our thing no matter what anyone else and they're the same way. They're hugely successful and they've gotten there by doing what they do. It was cool to see.

 Kuehn: They play what they like. They're old punk nerds. They were playing Zero Boys covers during soundchecks, so they know what's up and know their shit.

What's up with forthcoming the album?

Schwartzel:: It's done! We recorded it at Zac and I's house in Highland Park and finally got it done. It should be coming out early next year. Self-titled, 15 songs, 30 minutes long, We're all very excited to put that thing out.

After the next leg of The Hives tour, then what's next, back to house parties and playing around L.A.?

Kuehn: House parties have become a bit crazy. It's gotten to the point where we can't even finish a set because all of our gear is getting knocked over. They usually want us to play last, which is like 12:30-1ish and the cops are already called by then so we don't even get to play. We like to do the impromptu house party.

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