Femcee WBD Tells Tales of Survival on 'Hate Me' EP

Rapper WBD invites all haters to hate on Hate Me, her latest EP. The Salvi spitfire makes sure they've got their work cut out for them. The Weekly first introduced the rhymer last year as OC's newest hip-hop outlaw when she relocated to Anaheim from LA. She came to town back then with her Words of the Wicked mixtape. WBD returns with Hate Me, a collection riding a hybrid sound of underground and Chicano Rap allowing for WBD to spin her stories of survival. The anguish is evident in her vocal inflections on the tone-setting opener “Heaven or Hell.” Produced by Toks the Blue Loko, guest features on Hate Me are stocked with fellow femcees including impressive lyrical assists by Top Dime and D'Duchess.

After an album's worth of grappling with the harshness of life, WBD ends with a laid back bonus track expressing gratitude for every waking day. And if people can't kick down with that, hate can't depreciate what it's worth.


And since we don't hate the rapper, the Weekly spoke with WBD about her new music!

On working with Toks the Blue Loko, a producer out of France:
I've been working with Toks for years, maybe even as far back as when I started. I have so much love for him. He's done tracks for I think every project I have done such as Goodbye Wicked and Real Life Story. However, it will be some time till I use beats from him again as I am in full effect transitioning out of a genre I was forcefully classified as. His sound is so different from traditional hip-hop or Chicano Rap beats. I keep working hard to define me from every other female MC. I got some sick competition but from the Words of the Wicked mixtape to Hate Me, an all original beats EP is such a blessing and I'm happy that I got to put him out the way I wanted.

On how the bonus track changes up the mood of the EP:

“Life's a Blessing” is a Pnut Producer production. I wrote that song at a point of peace. I wanted to show that I can also be positive aside from all the negative in the EP, including the name. I mention how I'm grateful even though I don't have a lot of money, I have what's really essential, what's really important in life. I reached out to Rae Nicole of The Most Wanted Family out in Oxnard. Her words and voice brought this whole song into hip-hop. It almost takes you back to the 90's!

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