If you've never listened to the music of Feels or witnessed them perform at a live show, we envy you. Because to discover them for the first time is kind of like tasting bright candy or seeing your favorite movie for the first time: your senses are invigorated with something exciting and new. This East LA combo have completely wowed audiences with their lo-fi punk rock and garage music, flaunted by a swaggering stage presence and vocal resonance by lead singer Laena Geronimo. There's a range of musical styles that inform the depth of their music as a whole— from progressive to pop to folk— so you can expect Feels to transcend beyond punk limitations and just dive into something totally different song by song. Their show tonight at The Wayfarer is an early stop on their south west tour where they'll introduce unsuspecting new fans with their tunes. Those lucky, lucky ducks.

Wed., March 11, 8 p.m., 2015

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