Federal Judge Threatens Sanctions Against Orly Taitz For Lying

Orly Taitz, the dotty Mission Viejo dentist who leads fringe group Birther efforts to expose President Barack Obama as a secret Kenyan with a doctored birth certificate, is in trouble yet again.
On Wednesday, a federal judge in Orange County's Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse issued a terse order noting possible sanctions against Taitz, a defendant in a libel lawsuit, for lying.
U.S. District Court Judge Andrew J. Guilford is ordering Taitz “to show cause in writing why she should not be sanctioned for lying to this court” by Feb. 4, to do so within 10 pages and to supplement any claims with documents.
At issue is whether Taitz purposefully misled Guilford last October after he ordered all the parties to the lawsuit to immediately inform him of all “pending ethical, disciplinary, or related matters.” 


Taitz claimed her only problem related to a minor discovery sanction.
But Guilford–an unapologetic stickler on ethics as corrupt Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona learned on his way to prison–discovered evidence that “the sanction involved far more than discovery,” according to the order.
Taitz–who has filed numerous, hilariously nutty lawsuits against Obama and claims the president personally harasses her–is being sued for allegedly making a series of false, defamatory statements about private individuals as well as for planting invasive spy software on the computers of visitors to her various websites. 

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