FDA Offering Two-Day Workshop on E-Cigs–Um, What?

The Food and Drug Administration closed public comment on e-cigs in general more than a month and a half ago, but their conclusions are still far off from being revealed to the public. No one expected a quick decision; the arguments for all sides are so extreme and starkly contrasted that it's almost laughable. One minute your RSS feed tells you that “E-cigarettes are 'not helping cancer patients to quit smoking'” and the next minute “E-cigarettes are not a 'gateway,' they help smokers quit.”

The media at large has been little help to consumers; pair that with parents going after e-cigs with a Mothers Against Drunk Driving vengeance and the fact that big tobacco is now lobbying against any models that they don't manufacture, and it's just one big fucking mess.


Clearly, the FDA sees the mixed signals too. Last week, the federal entity announced that they will hold a two-day, public workshop on e-cigarettes and public health. They invite scientific and medical experts, and other relevant participants from academia, public health organizations, government workers, and of course, the tobacco industry to navigate the trenches of e-cigarettes and posit their opinions and findings.

The forum can be attended in person or via webcam, but you must apply for access. We can guess that the forum may be just like the public comment period: messy, contradictory, and still a far way off from revealing the truth. Visit the FDA website for more details and to put in an application for attendance.

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