FBI: Orange County Teenager Victimized In Wild Sextortion Plot Involving Michigan Man

A Michigan man who posed in an online chatroom as a teenage girl to entice a 16-year-old Santa Ana boy to email nude photographs of himself as well as a video of him masturbating is facing five federal, sex-crime charges in a sextortion plot.

A Southern California grand jury this week indicted 25-year-old Nicholas Glenn Wilcox of Detroit for allegedly using pictures of a real girl and female breasts in July to induce the minor, we'll call John Doe, to create child pornography and for threatening to publicly ruin Doe's reputation if he didn't film himself and his brother engaging in sex acts.

Michigan law enforcement authorities list the 5-foot-9 inch and 250-pound Wilcox–who used monikers that include “rapegod666,” “Kypkilla12,” “that1kid014,” “Flame” and “Heretik”–as a sex offender with a 2009 felony conviction for possession of “child sexually abusive material.”

Doe reported the plot to a high school official, who notified the Santa Ana Police Department, moves that ultimately led to involvement of an FBI child exploitation unit.

The victim told an agent the defendant contacted him on www.ChatHour.com by sending explicit messages that praised the boy's looks and suggested future sex acts.


Doe eventually provided his cell phone number, received an early morning July 10 call from a person who sounded like an adult male making a threat: Shoot a porno with your brother or have your nude photographs posted on the Internet.

Following hostile text messages, Doe wrote, “Can't ask brother. What else?”

During a recorded phone call, Doe pleaded, “I'm only 16,” but the man responded, “I don't care . . . I really don't [expletive] care . . . You have no way to point out who I am. This comes back to me in no way, shape or form, so I don't give a [expletive].”

The victim was so frightened that he reluctantly followed a command to strip, stick a toothbrush in his anus, masturbate, video the stunt and send it to an online dropbox account controlled by the defendant, according to the FBI.

On a six-minute video recovered by authorities following the execution of search warrants, the boy states the toothbrush event is the result of “blackmail.”

“There it is,” Doe says on the tape. “Now, you said you weren't a prick. To prove you're not, the best thing you can do after I send you this [is] stay out of my life . . . I'm trusting you because you don't have to do anything else, you got your porn . . . You got what you wanted, now you don't have to ruin my life, all right?”

A federal judge inside Orange County's Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse hasn't been selected for the case and there's no indication if Wilcox has been transported by U.S. marshals to local lockup.

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