Fathom IPA by Ballast Point Brewing: Our Beer of the Week!

The India Pale Ale (IPA) has become a favorite style of this current generation of craft beer drinkers, the hoppier the bitter! Challenging the taste buds of hop-heads with signature styles ranging from double IPA’s, triple IPA’s to sharp quad India pale ales. And now we have session IPA’s (think IPA light) that are lower in ABV (alcohol by volume) that still provide the hoppiness that we crave and enjoy but won’t get you sauced after one pint.

Last month Ballast Point Brewing introduced their Fathom IPA 6% ABV, an easy drinking West Coast style IPA with plenty of hops, a touch of malt and just the right amount of orange citrus to make Fathom one of the most approachable IPA’s on the market. At the moment Fathom is available in cans and bottles, and locally pouring on draft at Ballast Point Brewing Long Beach. Along with the very approachable flavor of Fathom IPA comes a very affordable price, suggested retail for a 6-pack is $9.99 (compared to other styles of Ballast Point that sell at $14.99 for a 6-pack). To enjoy these and many other Ballast Point favorites visit their Long Beach Marina location, a beautiful tasting room equipped with three bars and an outstanding view of the Pacific Ocean. Cheers!

Ballast Point Brewing,110 Marina Dr. Long Beach, (562) 296-4470; www.ballastpoint.com

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