Father Chris Heath Says Adios, Maligns Sex-Abuse Victim

It is with much regret that OC's favorite idiot bloggin' Catholic priest, Christopher Heath of St. Edward the Confessor in Dana Point, announced last week that he will no longer post, and it really is a tragedy. Now, who will be so openly cavalier in his attitude toward clerical sex-abuse victims?

For one of his swan songs, Heath wrote about the controversy surrounding retired Australian Bishop Geoffrey Robinson, whom Diocese of Orange Bishop Tod D. Brown arrogantly tried to ban from giving a June 11 speech in the Costa Mesa Community Center. Of course, Heath won't see “this Aussie,” as he so eloquently puts it. But the most galling part? “I doubt this bishop is going to be any different from the kind of speakers who come every year into our diocese as part of the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress, which in my opinion is not worth going to,” he opines. Oh, but he is, Chris: Bishop Robinson is a sex-abuse victim himself, and the former head of Australia's response to its own Catholic Church sex-abuse scandal, something that none of your leaders can claim. For someone prone to so many vanities, it's quite hypocritical to malign good Catholics–ah, but who are we to try to speak sense into a self-professed Downtown Disney fan (click on “About Us,” then “Priests” for the disturbing confession).

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