Fashion Trends From 2016 That Should Die in 2017

I'm no cynic, but I do know when certain fashion trends have exhausted their freshness. And as we're on the cusp of a new year, it's time to look back and decide what trends kindly need to die by the time “Auld Lang Syne” rolls around— until they're recycled 30 years from now, that is. Gotta love the fashion world!

“Tequila & Tacos” or “Whiskey and Yoga” shirts. Nothing against the idea of tacos and tequila in general, but the trend of these words together and nothing else needed to go the way of El Torito long ago. I've actually never seen anyone wear these shirts in OC, and yet I still see these tank tops with similar and different variations bandied about on Instagram and in clothing boutiques. To paraphrase Homer Simpson, if these things are cool, they don't need to tell you they're cool. Also, whiskey and yoga sounds like an awful idea.

The hand-switchblade-rose-teardrop thing. Pretty sure this originated from Chicano tattoo culture, so I actually dig it. But in 2016, this art and fashion craze suffered from oversaturation, so much so it seems like an easy in on chola style. Unless you earned a chola nickname at Polaris High or whatever the fuck is the equivalent down in South County, you probably shouldn't use it anymore.

Enamel pins. While illustrators who make enamel pin editions of their work are cool with me, there's just wayyyyy too much of it on the market these days. Five different variations of the same pizza-slice pin? Also, seeing them sold on jackets and purses for hundreds of dollars at Zara pretty much tells you how lame it is now.

Patches. See enamel pins above.

Hashtags. Hashtags are only useful on social media. When they're emblazoned on merchandise followed by the words SQUADGOALS, FLAWLESS, BOSSLADY, et al., it's the epitome of basic, disposable fashion that probably won't be relevant or worn a few months down the line. Let's leave the hashtags to Instagram.

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