Farrell's to Host Ice-Cream Eating Challenge as Charity Event Next Month

Oh, Farrell's! Massive, glorious, gluttonous, grandiose Farrell'!. Its take on ice-cream culture is to add as many scoops as possible, then add a bucket of more and an oil drum of butterscotch and chocolate–and that's the kid's size. So it only makes sense that to give back to the community, Farrell's would host an ice-cream eating contest as a fundraiser.

The kickoff event starts June 20, and qualifying for the grand finale (happening on July 17 and called–and what a great name; we're NOT being sarcastic–Farrell's 2nd Annual Splendiferously Superiffic Summer Spectacular Ice Cream Eating Challenge) will occur daily between June 20 and July 10. According to the PR people:

Anyone can come into the Farrell's in
Mission Viejo or Santa Clarita and for $20 they will receive a 2-scoop
sundae to eat as fast as they can, a t-shirt and a $5 coupon for a
return visit to Farrell's. 100% of the net proceeds from the $20 will go
to our two charities.

From all the qualifying times the fastest 8 in each category will be
invited back to race against each other at the Championship event on
Sunday, July 17 in Mission Viejo.

The only reason we even report this–besides the gluttony of it all–is that one of the charities involved are among our favorites–Children's Hospital of Orange County, whose former Anaheim thrift store guaranteed me new school clothes for most of my childhood. Gentlemen: start stretching out your stomach…

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