Farewell To Foie: Everyone Gets a Pound of Foie Gras at The Playground's $130 Dinner Event

As July 1 nears, the start on the statewide ban on foie gras, restaurants across California are hosting farewell feasts that celebrate all that is good about fattened duck and goose livers. The Playground in downtown Santa Ana has announced its own foie fiesta, and in true Playground style, there's nothing dainty about it. 


On Tuesday, June 19 we will honor one of the most exquisite foods furnished by fowl. Foie gras, the engorged liver of duck or goose that has been encouraged to overindulge in corn, will be the subject of a statewide ban in California beginning July 1. Producers of foie gras say that wild ducks and geese naturally ingest large amounts of whole food and gain weight before migration, so the ducks that provide our foie gras presumably think they're going on a long trip and are just storing up. In any event, we are providing our family of foie fans one last opportunity to overindulge in this rich delicacy in a dinner in which every patron will enjoy one pound of Hudson Valley Grade A foie gras (some of it intended to be taken home). Not very subtle, I know, but since when have we been subtle about anything? The cost of this fantastic farewell fiesta is $130 per person. Reservations are required (so we know how much foie gras to buy) and advance payment is due when you make your reservation (because we have to buy a ton of very expensive product). 

You read that right. You get a pound of foie gras. We're not yet sure how they'll be serving it but you can expect pleasured moaning to ensue. To make reservations for the June 19 dinner event, call Hillary at (714) 560-4444.
Indulge your craving now before it's gone. Foie-ever. 
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