Fans Seek to Rename Lincoln Park in Santa Monica Linkin Park

A day after the shocking suicide of Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington, his bandmate and millions of fans are still reeling from the news. That’s not even to mention the unspeakable pain his family is going through. One group of fans in Santa Monica decided to do something to honor the late singer’s memory.

Whether you knew it or not, the band’s name is inspired and a tribute to a park in Santa Monica.
A Care2 petition surfaced in the wake of Bennington’s death, a fan is raising awareness and is asking Santa Monica City Council to rename Lincoln Park (named after Abraham Lincoln) to Linkin Park.

The renaming of the park would be a nice tribute to one of the world’s biggest bands, and a group that continues to resonate with fans across the world.

“When I was a teenager, I brought a copy of Linkin Park’s Meteora CD insert with me every single day to middle school,” Care2 petition author Sarah Rose wrote. “That record got me through being bullied and made fun of by what felt like everyone in my class. I would read the lyrics when I was teased or picked on. For a large faction of people in my generation, Linkin Park’s music helped those who felt alienated find voice and strength.”

She makes a valid point, especially in the grand scheme of things, the band are Southern California natives and this would be a cool way to honor their legacy.

Let’s rename Santa Monica’s Lincoln Park to Linkin Park to honor Bennington’s contribution to music and the message he spread to all who listened to him: you are not alone,” she adds.

It would be pretty cool for the park to be named after Linkin Park, after all, we have a zillion and a half parks named after Honest Abe already. If you’re down with this, click on this link and add your name to the petition.

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