Famous Musicians Reminisce About The '90s

Unarguably, the '90s was the last great decade in music: The music industry was at its richest, record labels were at their greediest and rockstars were at their worst. Thanks to MTV, hoards of music-hungry Gen-Xers were exposed to grunge style and alternative rock. 

“There's a lot of rock bands today I'm friends with who are very envious of the chance to have songs everybody knows whether they're a fan of your band or not,” Jakob Dylan recently told Rolling Stone. “That has more to do with the time or anything.”

Our friends give us crap for listening to STP's Core as if it were just released, but so what. Every publicist who writes to us compares the band they rep to a 90s band. 

Liking '90s stuff is finally “cool” again now that '90s nostalgia is at its pinnacle (which makes us feel old). Brands are resurrecting some of our favorite '90s paraphernalia like Nintendo, striped tee shirts, choker necklaces, ADIDAS Shell Tops and alien head patches. We're just waiting for guys to bleach their hair again. 

Famous musicians recall the '90s music scene below. Quotation above via radiox.co.uk.

—via rollingstone.com

—via rollingstone.com.

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