Family of Michael “Dossicc” Ramirez Asking For Help Finding Him On the Kern River

UPDATE, JUNE 27, 7:00 P.M.; The search continues on the Kern River for Michael “Dossicc” Ramirez with between 15-20 volunteers still out searching. A Gofundme page has been started by the family of Ramirez to help fund their effort on the Kern River. Friends, family and volunteers are not giving up and are trying to raise $13,000 for equipment (flashlights, rope, life vests, first aid kits etc.), supplies, food, water and rooms for volunteers. The family says they’re “forever grateful” for any donations, are also open to supply donations and are still looking for volunteers. “Any help that you may be willing and able to offer would be a tremendous help to our family.” The Ramirez Family says. “Please pray that we find Michael soon and for our family.”

ORIGINAL POST, JUNE 24, 12:58 P.M.; 27-year-old Michael “Dossicc” Ramirez of Orange County hip-hop group Rebellion Warfare went missing June 22 at approximately 5p.m. in the Keyesville campground, Lake Isabella CA. He was on a surprise birthday camping trip with his girlfriend, best friend and his best friends wife for his June 19th birthday. His girlfriend Erica Zambada says he jumped into the Kern River and the current began taking him downstream and they lost sight of him within 10 seconds of him jumping in with his head still above water. They tried to run after him but they couldn’t keep up with the river. Kern County Sheriff’s Office search-and-rescue unit got there within 10 minutes, searching by land & air last night and today but haven’t been able to find Ramirez. He was last seen wearing blue swim trunks and black water shoes with neon green lining.

His family is asking for the public’s help in searching for him on the Kern River but they’re not answering further questions at this time. Zambada asked anyone who is interested in helping search for him to contact 714-381-1950, 562-387-7910 or show up at 6209 Lake Isabella Blvd., Lake Isabella CA 93240 where they will pick you up to come help. But Zambada says “please, only [contact] me if you’re serious in lending a hand.”

Ramirez is 1/4th of the hip hop group Rebellion Warfare rocking the mic under the name Dossicc. The group is well-known in the OC hip-hop scene as one of the few Latino hardcore hip-hop groups, known for coming on stage in all military attire and getting the crowd to start mosh pits over the past five years. They’ve opened for acts such as Psycho Realm, Immortal Technique, Aesop Rock, Raekwon, Souls of Mischief, Pharaoh Monche and Method Man. Members of the renown rap group the Psycho Realm such as Sick Jacken and Big Duke have reposed social media posts about Ramirez going missing. So far, over 70 family members and friends have joined the effort to search for Ramirez and are still searching as we speak.

“We need all the help we can get.” Zambada wrote in her instagram post, “please keep Michael and his family in your prayers. Please help me, my baby is out there and I don’t know where he is…He is my light, my faith, my everything, please help us…”

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