F### Cancer: Our Toke of the Week!

Strain: F###Cancer 
Dispensary: From the Earth 3023 S. Orange, Santa Ana.
Price: $10 per gram; $35 per eighth

When I went through my treatment for stage four colorectal cancer I used mostly strains of indica which are also high in cannabidiol, or CBD, which helps fight nausea and has a host of other medical benefits that may even include fighting tumors. I also would use the occasional Hubby Bar which is a hash laced candy, tons of CBD. Getting high is secondary when you have the toxins of chemotherapy flowing through your veins. I found medical marijuana so helpful that I would testify before Congress on its benefits. Hell, I’ll even talk to the Santa Ana City Council or better yet give them a copy of my book, #FUCKCANCER.

F###Cancer is a Sativa with a higher CBD (13.4 percent) than THC (5.8 percent) level. Some of your more exotic strains are between 25% -32% THC, but they’re almost devoid of any CBD attributes. Which is fine if you want a great buzz and want to see Deadpool for the 10th time. But if you want to get a buzz and find relief from chronic pain, neuropathy, anxiety, MS, epilepsy,  then a strain like F###Cancer is for you. 

Unfortunately, when I had cancer three years ago, F###Cancer wasn’t easily available. But when I visited From the Earth recently, I was very excited to see the strain on the menu,  The buds were very fresh and spongy. I used a pipe for my first tokes. Smooth, piney, a strong skunky aroma. Right away I felt very relaxed, especially in my eyes and forehead, as the stress of the day melted away. One bowl and I was done–stoned and ready to watch a movie. I really didn’t feel the usual sativa effects; in fact, I fell asleep halfway through Tobey Maguire pretending to be Bobby Fischer. Check and Checkmate.

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