Expand Your Mind this Saturday at Temple Days: The Lightning In a Bottle Pre-Party

Spring is finally here, which means it’s time to gather your gear and finalize your squads because festival season is within reach— hallelujah! In preparation of the 11th annual Lighting In a Bottle, the DoLab and Wanderlust Hollywood are teaming up to host the second round of Temple Days: The Lucent Temple of Consciousness pre-party. The 12-hour gathering happening this Saturday will celebrate the inherent love and diversity of consciousness that’s found at the vibrational core of LIB, by offering a glimpse of what will go down in Bradley, Ca., over Memorial Day weekend.

With an inspiring line up of world-class speakers, yoga, meditation, experiential workshops and performers, Temple Days reminds attendees that there’s a lot more to festivals than just music. “It’s amazing to dance and giggle and party, but if we really want to elevate ourselves and change our lives we need tools for expansion,” says founder of Lucent Dossier and co-founder of LIB, Dream Rockwell. “We all crave better lives, the combination of celebration and learning is key for a sustainable and exciting future.”

Along with the assortment of spiritual lessons, whimsical teachings and deep healing modalities, Temple Days offers multiple ways to break free from societal confines and become immersed within the community. “We are boxed in with our responsibilities and technologies,” Rockwell says. “We’re all so over scheduled and over worked. There needs to be a major reboot.”

And Temple Days offers just that: The opportunity to realign and connect, and step away from our boundaries. “Any time we open our minds and allow in new information, we are assisting the advancement of humanity” says Rockwell. “What we provide at the Temple is a taste testing of a better way of life. It’s important to experience different ways of learning outside the corporate owned schooling system.” 
With speakers like Rockwell, New York Times best selling author and activist John Perkins, and long time LIB favorite Darryl Anka— the spiritual medium who channels the multi-dimensional extraterrestrial that goes by the name of Bashar— Temple Days provides attendees with the tools to question everything.  “We need to stop believing everything we are told and we need to seek truth for ourselves,” Rockwell says.

The goal of Temple Days, according to Rockwell, is to give people a safe place to expand and explore new ways of thinking that inspire better ways of being. Through group mediations aimed at helping people understand the power of shared energy, the LIB pre-bash encourages everyone to participate— even if you don’t meditate. “The simple metaphor of ‘my life as a meditation’ reminds us that everything we do should be a form of meditation— the idea of turning off the mind and going into the void, the zone, the zen,” says Rockwell.  Whether that’s through dancing, listening to a moving speaker, flowing through a yoga sequence or simply watching the clouds— there’s a way for everyone to connect. “Come as a blank slate and fill yourself with new ideas; expand your boundaries and have a new conversation about what’s possible in the world.”

Temple Days will happen this Saturday from 12 pm – 12 am at Wanderlust Hollywood 1357 Highland Ave, Los Angeles, Ca 90028. 

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