Everything You Need to Know About ChEAT Day Land

Tacos trucks on every corner! Photo by Haley Chi-Sing.

Ever wish you could dive face first into a bowl of your favorite cereal?  Or even swing on a life-size sprinkle donut? Or hang onto a churro before you fall into a packet of fries? If you just mentally checked off the boxes and said “Yes, yes, YES!” to all of them, then head on over and visit ChEAT Day Land – a one-of-a-kind immersive pop-up museum! Every wall and corner instantly becomes a photo-op for all things sweets, desserts, and confections. Located at the Irvine Spectrum until the end of August, the museum is perfect for dessert lovers of all ages.

Conducting tours at the top of each hour, guests are taken on a Willy Wonka journey by a junk-food-expert tour guide. Tour guides, more often than, prove to be the best photographer one could ever ask for as you hula-hoop with enormous donut inflatables or throw gold sprinkles up in the air. 

Each extravagant exhibit has a special dessert theme – from the cereal room to the donut hall or the all-chocolate chamber, every single dessert or sweet confection is duly represented. To be quite honest, it almost seems as if Katy Perry went in and individually designed every corner and niche of the museum; everywhere you look, it’s candy, cake, donuts, and ice cream. 

Doh! Photo by Haley Chi-Sing.

Not only is each and every wall covered from top to bottom with exciting food art, but every exhibit also has dozens of props and life-size dessert toys that go along with the rooms theme – imagine the donut hall with enormous swinging donuts, lifesize donut dumbells and a donut climbing wall! A pool-size cereal bowl filled to the brim with foam letters is brought to life with a colossal spoon. 

Donut Work, be happy. Photo by Haley Chi-Sing.

Beware – despite the museum having nearly every dessert decoration and prop imaginable, your short-term-attention-span child might need tending to near the end of the exhibit. You are kept in each exhibit for quite a while so just be sure to extend the fun with all of the toys and trinkets. 

Even though you can’t eat anything in the exhibits, do not fear! ChEAT Day Land ends each tour with edible cookies, cupcakes, and popsicles! You can, of course, take as many as you want – just make sure to leave some for the rest of the guests, you don’t want to be a Veruca Salt! 

Each ticket is $38 for both adults and children. Children under the age of 4 do not pay. Tickets can be bought online or in person at the pop-up museum. For more information on how you can have your own ChEAT Day Land experience, visit cheatdayland.com.

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