Everything Is Terrible! Presents Legends

If you've never been to a screening of found footage troupe Everything Is Terrible!, the simplest way to describe them would be “VHS vomit.” EIT! collect and comb through hours of recycled VHS tapes ranging from bad home movies, rejected children's films, infomercials, D-grade bombs and who-knows-what else, and edit them in irreverent video assemblages, the end result being a hilarious bad movie Frankenstein. And while we have thousands—if not millions—of hours of random videos at our daily disposal, nothing comes close to the dedication or imagination of these archive geeks. Tonight's EIT! edition is their 'Legends' show, where the group present the greatest hits of their first seven years in operation. Don't expect a two-dimensional presentation on the program, as these fellas also dress up in costume to perform skits for the audience's viewing delight.

Fri., March 20, 8 p.m., 2015

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