Everyone in Orange County Actually Saved Water in April

After our abysmal March, where a large number of Orange County water districts actually used more water than they did two years ago, I'm happy to report that every single water district in Orange County managed to reduce their water usage in April (don't get too proud, the entire state is actually doing a half way decent job).

Even better, 14 water districts managed to hit the double digits in water use reduction compared to last month when 14 water districts ended up using more water than 2013. I guess the reverse Spring has been helping. No one's hit their 25 percent usage goal as mandated by Gov. Brown yet, though, so keep on saving everybody.


Of note in the data, which was released earlier this week, is the city of La Habra, which reduced its water usage 18 percent (the most percentage-wise) to 68.7 gallons per person per day, or just about 20 gallons from the 50-some gallons per day per HOUSEHOLD that Australians use. You're still ten percent away from the 28 percent you have to save though, so get on that, La Habra.

Finally, this is the first month that data for water-wasting complaints has been tabulated. What do they show? Well.. there's really not too much correlation between amount of people ratting out their neighbors and water usage, but it can't hurt right? At least people are taking their warnings seriously — of 1,200 plus handed out in OC last month, only five penalties were actually assessed.

Good on you, Orange County.

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