Estrella Jalisco: Our Beer of the Week!

Estrella Jalisco , a German style pilsner, has arrived in the U.S. just in time for our beloved National Holiday, Cinco de Mayo! Cinco de Mayo now ranks in the top five beer drinking holidays, after the Fourth of July, Father’s Day and New Years, surpassing both  St. Patrick’s Day and the Super Bowl in beer consumption….Burp!
Estrella Jalisco is a regional beer from Guadalajara, Jalisco. It’s been brewed there since 1910, making it one of Mexico’s oldest beers, rich in tradition and flavor. Not that easy to find even in Mexico until now as it’s being imported by Anheiser Busch to capitolize on the ever growing imported Mexican beer market. It will be brewed in small batches by Grupo Modelo S.A.B. de C.V. and then delivered to the U.S.
It’s recommended to pour your Estrella into a wide top pilsner glass but I drank mine right from the bottle, no lime. It had a very fresh, light , malty taste. Right away I liked it better than the other Mex beers of similar type and style. It complimented my dinner plate of carnitas. Toot!
Estrella Jalisco is available at Northgate and Gelsons supermarkets, Original Mike’s in SanTana and various liquor stores around town. 
So this Cinco de Drinko step up your beer game and grab some Estrella Jalisco! 
“Ay ay ay ay! Guadalajara Hermosa!”

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