Eric Gunderson of Newport Beach Sits in Canadian Jail Facing Charges of Assaulting Girlfriend He Met on an Internet Dating Site

Have you seen the Internet dating site commercial where a love-struck woman and hunky man bonk heads, slip onto furniture and further batter one another accidentally when they try to get frisky with one another?

That was a cakewalk compared to what happened to a Canadian woman, allegedly at the hands of a 24-year-old Newport Beach man she met online.

At last report (in the Winnipeg Free Press), Eric Gunderson was sitting in a jail cell in the town of Brandon. He is due in court Thursday to answer to six charges of assault with a weapon, one
charge of assault, arson with disregard to human life, two charges of
uttering threats, one charge of willful damage and one charge under the
Immigration Refugee Protection Act.

Gunderson met a 29-year-old woman who lives in Virden through an online dating service. The couple has apparently been in a domestic relationship since May, with the woman having driven him to the U.S.-Canada border, dropping him off, driving across into her homeland and picking him up after he allegedly crossed the border illegally. (Damn, illegals!)

Well, things eventually went south–and that's not a reference to south of the border. On Nov. 7, Mounties received a report that a man involved in a domestic dispute with a woman was tearing up her Virden home. Gunderson allegedly beat his honey, threw a can of cayenne pepper in
her face and tossed a lit broom into her house through a broken window.

She managed to extinguish the fire and,
one would assume, her attraction to the fellow.

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