Episode 21

So who did Riviera magazine blow to get such prominent product placement tonight? As Kirsten finds out how crooked her mega-developer dad Caleb “Don't Call Me Don Bren” Nichol is–an investigator tells Sandy “The Newport Group is Orange County's Enron”–Caleb is feted with a cover photo, glowing “Man of the Year” story and shi-shi cocktail party by Riviera, a real-life, high-society glossy that's distributed everywhere I'm not. It would have been nice to see this installment before a British television interviewer asked me what is it about The O.C. that is uniquely Orange County, because the Caleb-Rivieraconnection perfectly represents the way the powerful are treated like celebrities around here–and how willingly OC's media sycophants overlook their crimes to heap on the Access Hollywood treatment. But the bigger story this week is the departure of two supporting characters: Theresa, who'd been Ryan's lifelong girlfriend before his arrival in Newport, goes home to Chino; and Anna, Seth's sometime girlfriend, confidante and probably the most level-headed chick on the show, moves backto Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh! Please, God, tell me she means Pittsburg (no “h”), California–otherwise known as the Chino of NorCal.

FITTINGEST LINE OF THE WEEK: “I love the society page. It's like all the people we know are getting famous.” Summer, her nose planted deep in Riviera, to her pals.

FUNNIEST LINE OF THE WEEK: “It's just . . . your ass.” Luke, under his breath to his ex-girlfriend's mom Julie, who is struggling to keep their sexcapades secret.

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