Episode 20

Finally, a fair representation of Orange County's hefty Latino population! Okay, at least there are Latino faces and references as we get Seth spouting off about telenovelas and Ryan's caliente ex-Chino girlfriend Theresa, and Theresa dropping in and–in our first glimpse of her tonight–having her impressive breastices nearly dropping out of her low-cut blouse. Even Rosie, the Cohen's Latina maid, gets a rare split-second of airtime as she escorts Theresa to her white employer's dinner table. Ryan, Theresa, Marissa and Theresa's fianc Eddie are locked in a four-sided love triangle, Seth struggles to get Summer to acknowledge their boyfriend-girlfriend relationship publicly and Julie struggles to keep her boinking of Luke secret. By the way, Julie claims her booty-call room at the (fictional) Mermaid Inn on the beach in Newport costs $79 a night. Yeah, right. Maybe she could get a room that cheap at the Ali Baba up Newport Boulevard in Costa Mesa, but not on the beach in Newport; it'd be over $100 even in the off season. Much more believable is there's a real guy like “Uncle” Shaun doing all the behind-the-scenes dirty work for the Irvine Co.–errrrr–Newport Group. The Uncster threatens to sing like a boid to the DA and destroy Caleb and Kirsten if Sandy doesn't get trespassing charges against Shaun dropped. Silly, The O.C.: in the real Orange County, a powerful developer like Caleb would already have the DA bought and paid for.

LINE OF THE WEEK: “Yes, Brad, she's dating this emo geek. YEAH. THAT'S RIGHT. I'M A BIG DORK, AND I LISTEN TO EMO, AND I'M DATING HER.” Seth, publicly pronouncing his relationship with Summer to a crowd of stunned Harbor Academy students.

LOCAL REFERENCES OF THE WEEK (The most ever): The St. Regis, Linda Isle, Balboa Bars, doggie day care, Fashion Island's valet parking and, for the second straight week, what appears to be a quick-pan exterior shot of the real Newport Beach, this time some harbor-front homes and the yachts tethered to them. Hope someone's paying their city of Newport Beach Film Commission fees.

FUN FACT OF THE WEEK: Eric Balfour, the actor playing Theresa's beau, was the boy who got a severed foot in his school locker after blabbing about banging Claire in her tricked-out Hearse during the first season of HBO's Six Feet Under.

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