Endless Food and Fun Opens In Huntington Beach

I initially intended this post to be a boring one. There was just one thing to say and it was this: the 47,000-square-foot food and entertainment venue called Endless Food and Fun opened this past weekend in Huntington Beach. It boasts arcade games, a lazer-tag arena, a restaurant called Delicioso! (the exclamation point is theirs, not mine) and a buffet. Then I was going to add a smart-alecky quip about how it is as if Chuck E. Cheese had a threesome with John's Incredible Pizza Company and Dave and Buster's.

But then I saw the YouTube video they produced (see above). And I was left speechless.


Exploding flames, lazer-gun toting youths with Rambo game faces, and the music, my word, THE MUSIC!! Listen to it and you half expect Russell Crowe to bust in, bellowing a guttural war cry and leading a charge of sword-wielding barbarians out to chop your head off. 

It is over-the-top and hilarious, if unintentionally. It did capture my attention though. And the 3D-like effects of the bursting flames at the end? Nice touch.

Endless Food N Fun, 7227 Edinger Avenue, Huntington Beach, CA, 92647, (714) 377-7671.

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