EMU 420 Essentials Medicated Rub: Our Toke of the Week!

Strain: EMU 420 Essentials Medicated Rub 50mg CBD
Dispensary:The Joint 1325 East St. Andrews Place Santa Ana CA 92705

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up. For I have here in this bottle the Fountain of Youth! The Elixir of Life!
Ha! And it was probably 80 proof and for a few hours you felt real good! Then Big Pharma got in the act promising relief from the aches and pains. But there is always side effects when taking prescription drugs. No Thanks!

I’m a Stage Four cancer survivor and while I’m so grateful to be alive and well, there are some long term issues I have to deal with like neuropathy in my feet from the 18 rounds of chemo I had to endure. My feet are numb and at the end of a work day they become very swollen. I have to watch where I walk because I’m not always sure footed. Which led to me tripping over a curb last October. I suffered a hairline fracture in my lower patella. It has healed nicely but tends to get sore from time to time. Icing it down helps. So does Advil but I try to avoid most over the counter pills.

I have smoked medical marijuana with high CBD’s and have tried a candy bar with CBD,both excellent ways to relax and chill,but I needed a more direct method of relief. I’ve seen the topical rubs at the dispensaries but I was a little skeptical. Fountain of Youth! Elixir of Life! Hell I’ll try anything. I talked to the budtender about my options and chose the 50mg CBD rub. (There is also a 20mg CBD rub for $55.) He was very helpful as usual, also showing me spray-on topicals. I had just driven to San Diego and back and my knee was pretty sore. Standing all day is fine; it’s when I sit down that my knee starts throbbing. I applied it as soon as I got home. Directions are pretty simple: RUB IN!

The relief was almost immediate. I waited a couple of hours for it to wear off but my knee still felt good. The next morning I was still a little skeptical so before I went to work I rubbed some on my knee and on the top of my feet. Again I felt some relief. When you have chronic pain you tend to get used to it; you live with it, you compensate for it. At the end of the day my left foot was sore but overall I noticed that I felt better. The Emu 420 isn’t going to cure your arthritis but I’m confident it will relieve some of the physical pain you might have. As for the mental anguish…smoke a blunt!

7 Replies to “EMU 420 Essentials Medicated Rub: Our Toke of the Week!”

  1. How can I buy EMU 420 gold? I live southern Riverside county. It’s the only thing that works on my severe arthritis!

  2. I cannot find this in my area any longer I would like to get the Emu 420 Medicated Oil I have the 20 mg and I understand it comes in a 40 cdb as well I use this fofr my back and neck arthritis

    1. A friend gave me a bottle of the EMU 420/ medicated oil in the 20 Mg,it helped my neuropathy a lot now I cannot get it here. Where can I get some???

  3. I had back and neck surgeries n disabled….I’ve been thru the opioids(oxycodone) and got addicted after a year of taking them…so that’s not a solution to me for pain anymore…the cocktail injections in sets of 3 series didn’t help… to my surprise my surgeon suggested a cannibis topical rub…In my research I’ve found your product but for the price I would like some kind of sample before I spend that kind of money… A asap response would be appreciated…thank you

    1. If you find a dispensary that sells it then they can give you a sample just ask for it. They might give you samples of other rubs too BUT I didn’t get the effects with any other like I experienced with this particular rub, it really worked for me.

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