Elvis Flash Mob Releases (Unintentionally?) Hilarious Practice Video Before August Performance

Forget about trying to learn moves like Jagger, OC. If you want a real lesson in rockstar booty shakin', look no further than your local Elvis flash mob. On Wednesday, the Weekly given a a video from the organizers of the secret dance troupe, who will be organizing an ambush of high-kicking, choreographed bliss which is slated to happen “somewhere in Orange County” on August 21. The flash mob is supposed to be a precursor to the 13th Annual Elvis Festival at the OC Market Place on August 26, where the troupe will perform again for a more, uh, suspecting audience. Led by Elvis impersonator Martin Anthony, the group is slated to rehearse on August 13 (mark that down on your calendar) before taking over an undisclosed location to perform the routine a week later. 


The group behind the event claim that not only is Elvis is alive and well, but have proof that he's in OC (we thought that rumor died in oh, like, 1977). But if the prospect of participating in a secret dance troupe spearheaded by an overweight Elvis sounds like a memorable experience, then we have to steer you to the groups (unintentionally?) hilarious instructional video  that will get you caught up on the various gyrations and jazz hand techniques you'll need to know before you participate. Check it out after the jump.


Just remember, if you're want to do this, you're going to need to follow the video directions closely so you manage to outdo the Filipino prisoners who seamlessly pulled off the Michael Jackson “Thriller” dance.

Even if you're an amateur dancer or have little experience, have no fear. You have plenty of time to practice. If you're a bit self-conscious about your moves (or lack thereof), don't worry either; you don't have participate in all the moves, though it is recommended that you do. And after watching this video, we don't know how you could resist.

If you're interested in participating in the flash mob, shoot an email over to el***********@ma**.com.

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