Elimination Cleanse Works

When you tell people you're on a cleanse, you're mostly met with grunts and eye rolls. Admittedly, some are ridiculous. Only drinking lemon, honey and cayenne water until you can't think straight just seems dumb.

Unfortunately, extreme cleanses make people roll their eyes at the healthy ones. If you're on the fence, think about this: Do you have digestive issues? Of course, you do. You live in America, land of fake food! “I'm completely regular and never feel bloating or discomfort,” said no one, ever. A cleanse can fix all of that.

I had digestive issues my whole life. An expensive naturopath said I could either take food-allergy tests, or I could go on an elimination diet. I chose the latter. I would go 10 days eating only fruits, vegetables, quinoa and legumes. On day 11, I would add lean meat, and after day 21, I would add in one new food a day. The idea was to get my body to an optimal state, record how I felt, and slowly reintroduce food until the culprit was illuminated.

It was difficult the first few days, but then something remarkable happened. At day three, my system became completely regular, and I could set a watch by when I went to the bathroom. Then around day 10, my body stopped craving grease and carbs. By the end of the cleanse, I felt amazing, had lost five pounds and actually wanted to eat salad. It was the best decision I ever made.

If you're still rolling your eyes, go ahead, but as you sit on the pot pushing, I will be laughing at you.

Happy hemorrhoids!

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