Elevate With The Effervescence Of Sprig: Our Toke Of The Week!

Experience the Effervescence (Courtesy of Sprig)

Soda’s a tricky thing. Most of the time, it’s loaded with sugar, coloring and god knows what else. I mean, why does Dr. Pepper have 23 flavors in it? Does it really need that many? Seems a little gross.

Sprig, a cannabis-infused-soda brand, is reinventing how to use medicated drinks. Here at OC Weekly, we’ve tried lemonades, juices, aguas fresca and coconut waters—you name it, we probably loved it. Although they all taste great, the one thing that stops me from buying flats of these delicious beverages is I’m sensitive to sugar.

But Sprig’s new 5-calorie CBD soda contains no sugar or artificial sweeteners. Most “diet” or “zero calorie” sodas are loaded with artificial sweeteners that are beyond horrid for one’s health. These sodas are significantly less bad—and they make for excellent summertime cocktail mixers.

Last weekend, I shook up a tequila drink with lime, sliced-up cucumbers and St.-Germain. I topped it with some Sprig Zero Calorie Citrus CBD soda, which took the concoction from a level seven to a 10. The mixture of CBD and effervescence made me feel as if I were a fairy princess fluttering above tropical isles. I don’t drink soda often, but I like feeling like a fairy. So I’ll definitely be keeping Sprig on hand.


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