Elena Nauman Gets Conned Out of $500 After Responding to Offer for Dalmatian Puppies

Someone posing as a dog breeder recently conned a San Clemente couple out of $500 through an online ad offering Dalmatian puppies for sale.


“I'm mad that I was scammed out of $500, not as concerned about the money, for myself, but where did it go, because of the way I paid,” Elena Nauman told CBS2/KCAL9.

She thought she was paying that much as a deposit on two Dalmatian pups offered by a “local” dog breeder she met online through Recycler.com. Nauman followed the man's instructions, obtaining a $500 prepaid money card as a deposit and giving him the code numbers on Christmas Eve.

When the man she'd only communicated with by email, text or phone asked for another $500 for a large crate to ship the dogs, Nauman realized she'd been had, according to the TV news report. Not that there had not been red flags before that, like the fellow threatening to sell, dump or kill the puppies if Nauman did not come up with another $500.

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