“El Otro Chile” Film Series Explores Contemporary Chilean Cinema

This weekend, break on through to the other side of Chile that few audiences have seen before with the Museum of Latin American Art's weekend-long film series “El Otro Chile.”

Six films will be screened in three days, most of which have gone on to win major awards and have been exemplary in exhibiting the upward rise in Chile's growing film production industry. Additionally, each film reflects the trend in Chile's film industry to make films more geared towards a global audience. Each film is in Spanish, and for the non-habla speakers, you get your handy subtitles.

Friday night's opening night screening will feature a complimentary cheese and wine mixer for guests prior to the film (woo hoo!). Friday and Saturday's screenings are free with paid admission to the museum (check out the galleries, why not?), while Sundays are completely free. Go go go!

In the meantime, here's a brief overview of “El Otro Chile's” film schedule. Break it down!


Friday, November 15, 7pm
The Women and the Passenger
A particularly unique and marvelous documentary, The Women and The Passenger scopes the lives of four cleaning women who work in a sleazy motel, where visitors arrive solely to engage in passionate nookie sessions that last only a couple of hours. Foregrounded here are the cleaning women, who express their refreshing views of love amid lives seeped deep within a seedy setting. You can find more information on the film here.

Trailer oficial Las Mujeres del Pasajero (The women and the passenger) from Juana Films on Vimeo.

Saturday, November 16
Here I Am, Here I'm Not, 12pm
Part of the Chilean Spotlight for the Newport Beach Film Festival, Here I Am, Here I'm Not has been called a loose remake of Hitchcock's film Vertigo. Here we follow a freelance journalist named Ramiro who suffers PTSD after a traumatic near-death car accident. After developing a serious phobia of speed and being suspended from his job, he throws himself into writing the biography of a rock star, and meets a new love. After she dies in a car accident, Ramiro meets a new woman who has identical features to his last girlfriend, and attempts a new relationship with her.

Summertime, 2pm
A film that focuses on various events and goings on between a group of tourists and employees in a small resort town in the south of Chile. While the locals resume their daily routine, the visitors go about a series of interesting events interspersed through a hot summer day. Find more information on the film here, and check out the artsy trailer below.

Bring The Head of the Machine Gun Woman, 4pm
Now for something completely different: a lowly young man who spends his days playing video games and nights as a club DJ overhears news of a bounty for a woman named the Machine Gun Woman, a hitwoman and ex-girlfriend of ruthless mobster Che Longana. When he's caught eavesdropping, he lets slip a desperate lie that he knows the Machine Gun Woman, and is then given 24 hours to bring her. This film has that grindhouse exploitation feel to it, as seen in the trailer.

Sunday, November 17th
You Think You Are The Prettiest, But You Are The Sluttiest, 12pm
I suppose that's an interesting title.. young Javier has been jilted by his girlfriend Francisca, and finds himself even more hurt after he sees her his best friend. Oy vey…
While the trailer isn't available on either Imdb or Youtube, you can see it here on the San Francisco International Film Festival's page.

Salt, 2pm
No, not the Angelina Jolie action flick. This film deals with a Spanish film director named Sergio who can't find funding for his film, a Western named Salt, as his producers unanimously tell him the film has nothing real to say. So Sergio boards a plane to Chile in order to find more inspiration for a biting storyline. Methinks certain Hollywood directors should follow his lead and do exactly the same.

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