El Corazón de Costa Mesa, Mexican Restaurant Helmed by Rick Bayless-Trained Chef, To Open April 20

A couple of months ago, I noticed a new banner in Triangle Square (or The Triangle, as the place now calls itself) advertising a coming restaurant called El Corazón de Costa Mesa. Sounds like a son jalisciense, no? Well, we just got the press release announcing a April 20 opening, and there are things to look forward to and things that gives one pause.

First, the bad: you always gotta be skeptical of a place that advertises “street” tacos. And the head chef is Armando Martinez, who trained under Rick Bayless and was executive chef at the so-so Red O.

Now, the good: yellow tail aguachile. And a cocktail menu.

We will reserve judgement until one of us actually tries it, but we do wish El Corazón well if they're down with great food. But if they follow in the ways of Bayless? Meh…

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