Eight Days

Thurs., April 7: Get down with all the artsy-smartsy kids at UC Irvine's BeallCenterforArtandTechnology! Shows there tend toward the outstanding, and this one—“Hybrid Vigor”—celebrates the first graduating class of the newly formed ACE(Arts ComputationandEngineering) graduate program. Seven students curate and organize an open lab exhibit, all experimental-like! So go on over and recept with them. 7-10 p.m., but don't be expecting much in the way of wine and cheese. BeallCenterforArtandTechnology,UCIrvine,W.Peltason&Pereiradrs.,Irvine,(949)824-4339.

Fri.: Cal State Fullerton's DeanofStudentsOfficeand VolunteerandServiceCenterpresent a SocialJusticeSummit. The gig features guest speakers on topics ranging from the civil-rights and women's movements to the environment, labor and community service, with a keynote speech by the lovely and talented CongresswomanHildaSolis(D-El Monte). Whatever you do, don't tell DavidHorowitz! 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. $15; students, $5. CalStateFullerton'sTitanStudentUnion,800N.StateCollegeBlvd.,Fullerton,(714)278-7623.

Sat.: I was gonna direct you all to either Fishboneat the HouseofBluesor the EnglishBeatand the Untouchablesat the Galaxy, but then I read this from a listing on some charity do at Long Beach's GrandPrix: “The party raises funds for Children'sTodaythePlayhouse, a daycare program for homeless children.” A daycare program for homeless children! That is the saddest thing I have read today! By a lot! And now you're not allowed to go see the 'Bone! No, you're just gonna have to pony up your $50 and head on out to the RecreationParkGolfCourseandDanceHallat 7 p.m. and give it up to Area51and KingSalmon(whoever they might be). For the kids. If you want, you may go see Pennywisefirst, in front of the LongBeachConventionCenterat 4:30 p.m., though why you'd want to do that—and how you'd get there unless you live within walking distance—is a mystery to me. RecreationParkGolfCourseandDanceHall,5001DeukmejianDr.,LongBeach,(562)243-4567.

Sun.: If you went to the party for the daycare program for homeless children (see above), then you have my permission to skip the MSWalk. If you didn't, you don't, because multiple sclerosis is a terrible thing to waste. Register online or by phone at (800) 486-6762. Check in, 7 a.m. UCIrvine,UCIrvine,W.Peltason&Pereiradrs.,Irvine,(949)752-1680;www.nmssoc.org/.

Mon.: Not only does the GypsyDenhave smiling, pretty waitresses, tasty, healthy foods, purty, homey rugs and vases and found art and such, but goddamn it, they've also got an OpenMicMusicNighton the hardest night of the week to fill! Bless you, Gypsy Den! So boogie on down and let MCs Aaronand JohnCarrillocharm you—or something. Also? There's beer and wine. Bless you, Gypsy Den! Did I say that already? I did. Shut up and be glad I don't repeat myself a lot more often. Sign up, 7:30 p.m.; perform, 8 p.m. GypsyDen,125N.Broadway,SantaAna,(714)835-8840.

Tues.: DirtJoint! Detroitbrings out this live music series, featuring LA and OC's best in roots, cow punk, alt.-country, rockabilly, Americana, country rock and blues. Someone punch me in the face! I've died and gone to heaven! This one's got the NewWardHeelers, TheHorsePaintersand TheFallenStars. Call for time and cover. 21+. Detroit,843W.19thSt.,CostaMesa,(949)642-0600.

Wed.: PaddyDoyle'sBoots! An evening of Irish songs of love, war and whiskey? Someone punch me in the face! I've died and gone to heaven! 8 p.m. All ages before 10 p.m.; 21+ after. Stubrik'sSteakhouse,118E.CommonwealthAve.,Fullerton,(714)871-1290.

Thurs., April 14: ThursdayNightLive! Somebody punch . . . well, actually, the HouseofBlues' weekly songwriter-in-the-Voodoo-Bar (which should really be called the VoodooLounge) gig doesn't start until 10:30 p.m., by which time I'm already crabby and in bed, smoking the crack! So I won't be there for this intimate performance by Corday. I've heard a lot about her, though. You know. It's cool. 10:30 p.m. Free! HouseofBlues,1530S.DisneylandDr.,Anaheim,(714)778-2583.

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