Eight Days

Thurs/June 9
The OrangeCountyMuseumofArtclaims PrestonSturges'1941 classic Sullivan'sTravelsis “perhaps the finest movie-about-a-movie ever made.” Oh, yeah? Finer than Town&Country?Ithinknot!Still, it's got VeronicaLake,and where there's Veronica Lake, there's trouble! Head out to the museum and get fancy with AmericanCinemaClassics—and trouble! 8:30 p.m. $8-$10. OrangeCountyMuseumofArt,850SanClementeDr.,NewportBeach,(949)759-1122.

I can't vouch for the other artists in “Sea MonsterBall”at the OceanInstitute,but I can vouch for KenRuzic,even if he is perpetrating “ocean-inspired art.” You know what else I can vouch for? Live music, a bonfire, appetizers and cocktails. I can vouch for those till the cows come home. The opening of works by DrewBrophy,PhilRoberts,JohnWarren,PerryFaanes,KyleGoodwinand Ruzic includes interactive works, sculptures, paintings and surfboard murals. Again, those would be the things I ain't promising you won't blow. 6:30-10:30 p.m. Free. OceanInstitute,24200DanaPointHarborDr.,DanaPoint,(949)496-2274;WWW.OCEAN-INSTITUTE.ORG.

I love opera. I honestly do. My uncle used to take me to the Metwhen my aunt couldn't make it back from D.C. for a production, and he would fall asleep every time, but did I? No, cuz I got culture dripping out of my every cranny (“culture” is what the kids are calling it these days). So here comes LongBeachOperapresenting KurtWeilland BertoldBrecht'sThreePennyOpera,which, by the way, I read in the original German along with Durrenmattand some others I couldn't tell you about now, but I totally got A's on all my papers about 'em. So what's the Long Beach Opera doing? They're updating it to include, like, Teamstersand shit. What, exactly, is wrong with people? And is that what they did when Stingperformed as MacktheKnifeon Broadway? Because if so, I'm even more disappointed in him than I was after those odious Jaguarcommercials. 2 N 8 p.m. $15-$110. CarpenterPerformingArtsCenter,6200AthertonSt.,LongBeach,(562)985-7000;WWW.CARPENTERARTS.ORG or WWW.LONGBEACHOPERA.ORG.

If you are much, much hipper than I am, you will be shelling out to see BrightEyeswith TheFaintand AirbornAudioat TheGroveofAnaheim(8 p.m. All ages. 2200E.KatellaAve.,Anaheim,714-712-2700;www.thegroveofanaheim.com.) If you are not much, much hipper than I am, you will get nice and crunchy with the GreenSundayGatheringattheBeach.They want you to bring food, music and ideas to the beach (they're so like that!) but unfortunately they specify “non-alcoholic” drinks. What the hell kind of Green Sunday Gathering at the Beach is that? Well, you can still look forward to the hippies' weed. 4 p.m. DohenyBeach,DanaPoint,(949)559-7336.

We loved TheNewFidelityfirst, Ziegler!Even though the first several times we met lead singer DanLo-FiChampion(which used to be his name when he was the lead singer of Lo-FiChampion,and now that they're New Fi instead of Lo Fi, I don't know what the fuck to call him), we were really, really drunk, and kept turning away in the middle of his sentences when he tried to talk to us, but then we heard him sing, and we fell in love. (By we,I don't mean him,I just mean me.)Be like New Fi new fan SnoopDoggand ask for “Tyesha.” With ElijahFell.9 p.m. Free. 21+. DetroitBar,843W.19thSt.,CostaMesa,(949)642-0600.

Got $50? Feeling intermediate? Head on over to CollectingFrenchWines—Intermediate,and drink yourself some fine VosneRomanee,Cote-Rotie,Alsace,Pessac-Leognan,and Languedoc-Rousillon.Are those the regions or the vineyards? I haven't the faintest idea, but I like to go to fancy wine stores and stand around and pronouncethem. By the way? You're supposed to spit them out. Might I recommend . . . not? 6:30 p.m. $50. LagunaCulinaryArts,845LagunaCanyonRd.,LagunaBeach,(949)494-4006.

Grout your tiles.For fuck's sake: They're filthy!

Thurs/June 16
Wanna find me?Try the beergardenat the FullertonMarket.It's nice, it's happy, it has beer,and I likeit.4-8:30 p.m. Free. DowntownPlaza,WilshireAve.,betweenHarborBlvd.&PomonaAve.,Fullerton,(714)738-5332or(714)738-6575.

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