Edward Scissorhands

To all the goth girls, emo kids and pop-culture tattoo fanatics out there, we’d like to begin with an apology. Sorry to say, but Edward Scissorhands is an overly sentimental film. Yet, of the more than 25 flicks Tim Burton has helmed, none is more tragic and bittersweet than the 1990 Johnny Depp vehicle about a man-made boy with scissors for hands and the isolation he experiences when plopped down in the middle of the suburbs. Like many of his surrealistically stylized movies, Burton paid great attention to visual detail, and as a result, this film yielded some of his most iconic imagery. Witness Winona Ryder twirling gracefully under a plume of snow as Depp whittles away an ice sculpture with his bizarre bescissored appendages. The film also made for some memorable performances including Dianne Wiest as the compassionate housewife and perennial cinema ghoul Vincent Price in his last feature film role.

Thu., Oct. 28, 6:30 p.m., 2010

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