Eddie Lin Book Giveaway Quiz Time!

In digging through my archives for a document for my investigative side, I came across a couple of autographed copies of SaFII friend-idol Eddie Lin's Extreme Cuisine, his awesome book that the Fullerton native released through Lonely Planet. It'll make a great stocking stuffer for your dearest food lover, but you have the chance to win a free copy RIGHT NOW…that is, after the jump!

So, the Lalo Alcaraz event last week at the Fullerton Public Library was a smash (and I have autographed prints of his rendering of taco men, but I need to find them to give out–they're in another stack somewhere 'round here…). I always took Lalo to eat at Lee's Sandwiches whenever he graced us, but the legendary cartoonista requested Mexican food this time around. I took him to a Fullerton Mexican classic, and he loved it.

Gentle readers: what restaurant did Lalo and I visit. It's too easy a guess (I only mention three Mexi restaurants in Fullerton in the Weekly), so to make it only ostensibly harder: what kind of tacos did he order? First person to correctly guess the restaurant AND the taco gets a copy of Eddie's book. One guess per comment, por favor, and no Weeklings allowed. And if you don't win, help a brother out and buy Eddie's book.

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