Ed Royce: Orange County's Man On North Korean Dictatorship

For as much as he yaps about his own hilariously fabricated heroism involving international affairs, Dana Rohrabacher has nothing on fellow Orange County Republican Congressman Ed Royce.

While Rohrabacher routinely employs a photograph of himself wearing Afghanistan grab and holding a weapon as indisputable proof that he personally served combat duty against Soviet forces during the 1980s, Royce is more likely to inspire a character in a novel involving international intrigue.

Last month, Royce (R-Fullerton) wrote a National Review
column that calmly described his captivating overseas meeting with a
key, high-ranking North Korean defector and the insights he gained into Kim Jong-Eun, the man currently believed to run the third world dictatorship, after the December death of his notorious, Nuke-happy father.

Upshot: The son, who allegedly liked to torture and kill small animals
in his youth, is just as likely to be another deranged nut who'll pursue
fanatical policies.

There's a lesson here for the attention-craving Rohrabacher: A 60-year-old congressman can be an international player without orchestrating meaningless photographs of himself holding a machine gun and snarling.

Go HERE to read Royce's column.

–R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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