Ecologically Friendly

Live animals. Food and drinks. Activities for all ages. We know it sounds like another family weekend in Vegas, but if you’re tired of living the virtual life, then pack up the kids and head for Community Nature Day at one of the most pristine patches of natural ecosystem in Orange County. Introduce yourself to nature. Meet real people. The Rancho Soñado learning facility, a project of the OC Department of Education, is surrounded by preserves and natural forests in some of the last of the Santa Ana Mountains’ open space. It includes a pond, riparian area, oak woodland and lots of chaparral. You’ll have a chance to see how wildfires affect nature, as well as how the environment manages to heal itself after such disasters. Take an interpretive hike or a sustainable-living workshop. Even flirt with a ranger—what happens in Soñado stays in Soñado..

Sun., Oct. 19, 10 a.m., 2008

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