Eco-Friendly Holiday Guide for Granny

Gifts have always been a great way to force a style, opinion or just plain ol' guilt on your friends and family. What the hell are they gonna say? You spent your hard-earned cash on them! Some presents may end up collecting dust in the back of a closet, but others might fulfill your intentions. This is specifically an eco-friendly gift guide for the people in your life who refuse to be mindful of the environment, the ones iron-willed in their rejection of global warming and think organic food is trifling (a.k.a. my grandma). With these gifts, you can feel better about perpetuating a healthier Earth, and they'll never know what hit 'em!


The green version of dryer sheets, these dryer balls take care of static cling, but their weight and wiry texture also beat out wrinkles and soften clothes. The balls are reusable and can be sprinkled with essential oils. Plus, Etsy makers use so many pretty colors the balls will look beautiful just sitting in a basket; check out Bogberry's creations at

Upcycled canvas lunch bags are so cool-looking that hard-hearted folks will actually want to pack a lunch. Formed in a manner similar to traditional brown-paper bags, these will hold up for years. Peg and Awl ( make the Marlowe lunch bag out of canvas from the 1800s!


Even if your unsustainable friends don't want to grow their own food, they probably still like flowers. And with seed bombs, there's almost no work involved. Simply soak the bright gumdrops in water, and then toss them in any soil. The ball will explode, sending seeds flying everywhere—and they'll grow with little to no care.


A few fancy teashops have popped up around the county, and they all sell magnificent glass teapots with built-in tea baskets. This eliminates all of the paper and packaging used with boxed tea bags and makes for a more luxurious experience. Check out the selection at Teavana at the Brea Mall or South Coast Plaza.


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