Eat This Now: Super Nachos at Kelly's Korner Tavern

At this point in the Reconquista, even the most gabacho bars have nachos on their menus–after all, drunkards need cheesy Mexican plates to soak up all the booze. They're almost universally bad, because again: drunkards need cheesy Mexican plates to soak up all the booze.

Then you have the Super Nachos at Kelly's Korner Tavern in Placentia, where the beers flow all night and the OC Pop Quizzes Thursday trivia nights are ruthless (all hail No Ma'am!).


The sports bar is not just a fine local; the owners also maintain a great kitchen, with epic burgers, fine buffalo wings and a Saturday steak night I still have to hit up but have heard nothing but good things This commitment to great grub even flows down to the nachos, a dish they could easily skimp on because for the third time…nah, won't use that line again.

But those Super Nachos: Gargantuan, with refried beans, real cheese, slices of grilled jalapeƱos, and carne asada stolen from a taquiza. And tying it all together is the house tomatillo salsa, a wonderful condiment that, while not too spicy, is better than the salsas offered at nearly every Mexican restaurant not in SanTana. Now, if they'd only get a liquor license, I'd never leave Placentia again…in the meanwhile, I'll just stick to my Underbergs.

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