Eat This Now: Saltado Shaken Fries at Vox Kitchen

The newly opened Vox Kitchen is serving up gastro-Asian fusion done right. The Fountain Valley restaurant offers a variety of delectable small plates including Taiwanese silken-tofu discs served with fluffy pork floss and century egg, crispy garlic chicken wings, and Korean barbecue gyoza. These are all great starters, but their best dish is the saltado shaken fries, an homage to Peruvian lomo saltado.

It’s a combination of tender filet mignon, thick-cut steak fries, red onions and tomatoes. And as with traditional saltado, the dish comes with a large bed of rice. The trick is to mix all these ingredients into one giant heap so the rice gets coated in the stir-fry’s savory juices. Then liberally douse the whole thing in the house-made green sauce (a milder take on ají, but just as tasty) for a robust bite that’s chifa AF!

Vox Kitchen, 16161 Brookhurst St., Fountain Valley, (657) 231-6493;

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