Eat This Now: Regular Pizza at Pizza Boy

Any time it’s the birthday of an OC Weekly writer, I buy their choice of lunch for the staff. I’m glad to say that Weeklings eat well, and local: recent entries have been deep-dish pizza from Rance’s, empanadas from C4 Deli, Slapfish everything, and even cachapas from Mil Jugos. So when it came turn to my b-day, everyone anxiously awaited what I’d choose. And I chose…pizza. Not the Neapolitan stylings of Ortica, the deep-dish wonders of Tony’s Little Italy, the thin-crust marvel of A Slice of New York Pizza, but just plain ol’ pizza from Pizza Boy in Anaheim. Fact is, pizza is by far my favorite of the three major American food groups (the others, of course, being hamburgers and hot dogs), and Pizza Boy makes what I’d say is the best regular pizza in OC.

I’m talking about no-frills pizzas, the type the office gets en masse when the bosses want people to keep working. Pizza Boy’s trick is simplicity: a nice sauce, fluffy dough, milky cheese that never coagulates into wax, and a heavy layer of whatever ingredients you request. It’ll only win awards from us, and that’s fine. Dd the rest of the Weeklings like Pizza Boy? They never had a chance to taste it: shortly after buying a a medium meat-lover’s and jalapeño-and-pineapple, and a large cheese, my car broke down. I ended up giving the pizzas to the nice AAA guy…except for the jalapeño-and-pineapple, which I devoured to comfort my carburetor blues.

Pizza Boy, 1177 S. State College Blvd., Anaheim, (714) 772-7716;

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