Eat This Now: Quesadilla En Masa at TCW

TCW is SanTana’s newest luxe lonchera, serving its namesake trinity of tacos, churros and wings on the corner of Bristol and Warner from a Speedwash parking lot. The churros and wings are a bit chipster, but the truck offers some classic taquería meats (minus the offals) and regional specialties such as cochinita pibil (slow-roasted pork from the Yucatán), succulent barbacoa and mulitas. What you must order, though, is the Mexico City-style quesadilla en masa.

Fresh blue-corn masa envelops your choice of cheese or cheese and meat filling; the combo is fried until blistered and crispy, then covered in crema and topped with queso blanco. I opted for the carne asada and was very happy. The result was crunchy on the outside and oozing tender rib-eye and cheese on the inside. The only thing that was missing was some shredded lettuce to cool off my mouth from the housemade, creamy serrano hot sauce that I can’t get enough of.

TCW, on the corner of Bristol and Warner streets, Santa Ana.

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