Eat This Now: Pork Belly Poutine at Bosscat Kitchen & Libations

Unlike the poutine typically served in Québécois hockey arenas, cabanes à
(roadside chip wagons), and cantines (“greasy spoon” diners), the poutine at Bosscat Kitchen & Libations is, quintessentially, an American-hipster remix. Instead of the dish's traditional ingredients (fries, cheese curds, and gravy), Bosscat's take features thin slices of Duroc pork belly, potato wedges, gravy, and a duck-fat fried egg on top. It's just as carb-heavy as the Canadian original, but terrifically fattier — err, American.


Even if Bosscat's poutine is on the trendier side, it meets–and exceeds–the standards of a good, traditional poutine. For one, the gravy is sizzling hot, so the ingredients melt into what looks like a gravy-based potage. The heat also causes the potatoes to moisten (but they still retain crispiness because their skin is left on), and the pork belly slices seem to dissolve into the gravy's thickness. When the egg is poked, the yolk runs down and injects itself into the mixture. By now, it's pointless to try to decipher whether you're chewing on a potato wedge or a slice of pork belly, because you might be tempted to do that. Instead, accept this dish's amalgamated nature; the marriage of the flavors and textures, after all, is its winning attribute.

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