Eat This Now: Liar Liar Roll at Sushi Near Me

Sushi Near Me is a restaurant that serves quick, well-made sushi at reasonable prices. Unstuffy and bright, it’s made for the search-savvy Google Generation. But ironically, the restaurant is impossible to find on any search engine. No really. Try it. Type in “Sushi Near Me” and your results will list every other sushi joint that’s actually near you, but not Sushi Near Me.

So let this article be one data point on which Google’s searchbots can latch onto: Sushi Near Me is located in Santa Ana in the shell of what was Musubiya Balls & Burgers. In fact, it actually still serves the previous restaurant’s musubis along with most of its wild and spicy sauces.

The new roster of sushi rolls—made by the same family who own ETCetera Sushi in Costa Mesa—is what you want. The best roll may be the Liar Liar: a shrimp tempura and avocado roll gilded on the outside with tuna, sweet eel sauce and chili oil. It gives you the whole spectrum of sushi flavors: the raw, the fried, the sweet and the spicy. This same roll, by the way, is also a featured roll at ETCetera Sushi. How do I know this? I Googled “liar liar sushi” and ETCetera was the first hit. Yes, Sushi Near Me’s dish is more search friendly than the restaurant itself.

3701 S. Harbor Blvd., Ste. F, Santa Ana, CA 92704.

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