Eat This Now: Kickin' Ketchup

Written by our resident Brit, Jack Grimshaw…

Sexy, ketchup ain't. If your shining moment is being the punch line of a joke (albeit one told by the delectable Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction), then you have, in PR and advertising lingo, an image problem. And Dana Point's Beach Cities Ketchup aims to change that.

“We're trying to do for ketchup what Dijon did for mustard,” says Kendra Shaner, cofounder with hubby Doug.

Their subtly hot and hugely addictive Kickin' Ketchup might just do

A seductive blend, it includes distilled vinegar, garlic and onion. We're here to tell you, it'll have you perusing the contents of your fridge at 4 a.m., going “Okay, what else can I slather this on?” The aroma from the bottle is sweet tomatoes … inhale a coupla more times and you're getting produce day at a Marrakesh souk. Spread it on a hot-off-the-grill chicken breast, between a toasted wheat bun with a slice of chilled tomato
and your ketchup conditioning will take a Beamonesque leap to the spicy side. One bite and the heat kicks in. It also rocks with meatloaf, hot dogs, burritos, tacos … you name it.

Along with Whole Foods Markets and many other outlets, it's at numerous OC restaurants including JT Schmidt's, Sarducci's, Santora's and Bubba Kahuna's. And those nasty little ketchup packets at your local fast-food joint? You'll never have to struggle with another. You'll be toting Kickin' Ketchup. Trust us–we do!

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