Eat This Now: Half-and-Half Korean Fried Chicken Combo at Crazy Chi Mac

Anaheim has plenty of Disnerds and Angels fans, but it certainly doesn't have enough Korean fried chicken; without it, what else would people chew on while downing melon bar soju? Of the few establishments bringing chi-mac (a combined term for “chicken” and “maekju”–the Korean word for “beer”–referring to late-night drunk-eating at Korean restaurants) to town, Crazy Chi Mac is the capital. Whether it's Hite, Makgeolri, or corn cheese you want with your fried chicken, this little establishment is where you'll find every necessary item in the lexicon of drunken Korean munchies.


When you take a seat at the dark restaurant and pick up a menu, you might notice the largest portion of it consists of fried chicken offerings. While a spectrum of non-spicy to spicy fried chicken is clearly laid out, the half-and-half–a mixed bag of regular fried chicken and spicy fried chicken with fries on top–is one of Crazy Chi Mac's best offerings for first-timers and those who want a taste of everything. Because Korean chicken is traditionally double-fried, the chicken is lighter on the grease but heavier on the crunch. The spicy kind has the stickiness and pungent aroma of gochujang, the Korean condiment heavily used in bibimbap and tteokbokki, a snack made out of rice and fish cakes. If the spice starts burning up your tongue, ask the waiter for the cabbage salad with Thousand Island dressing. And if that doesn't work, go straight for the green tea tempura ice cream on the dessert menu.

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