Eat This Now: Gringo Bandito Beef Jerky

Our office favorite hot sauce, Gringo Bandito, has partnered up with San Diego based Homegrown Meats to release 100% certified grass-fed and grass-finished beef jerky made with Gringo’s top selling “Original Red Sauce.” All of Homegrown Meats’ products, including the Gringo Bandito beef jerky are pasture raised and free of hormones, nitrates, grains and gluten.

The result: flavor that combines savory beef with a hint of smoke, earthy undertones and robust Gringo spice. The quality of the meat shines through in the texture, unlike most jerkys out there that tend to be hard and brittle, Homegrowns’ is moist to the touch and has a chewy steak-like texture. The spice builds up nicely but doesn’t linger, leaving you wanting more. The beef jerky is now available online via Gringo Bandito’s webstore and can be purchased in most Southern Pacific Whole Foods stores.

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