Eat This Now: El Desperado at Soho Taco

Every month, Soho Taco chef Gabriel Zambrano offers a new creation as part of his lonchera's taco of the month. Sometimes, he goes regional: the awesome chilorio taco from a couple of months back was a specialty from Sinaloa. This month, Chef Gabe has leapt into the chile world with the appropriately named El Desperado.


Refry this: jalapeño strips, jalapeño-encrusted bacon, caramelized onions, and queso panela (oh, and also diced avocado, but I might be the only Mexican on earth that doesn't care for the fruit of the testicle tree). The bacon adds crunch; the jalapeños blast your mouth gently (they aren't, after all, serranos or habaneros). Onions add bottom to all the flavors, while the springy milkiness of the queso panela cools down the palate. El Desperado does a veritable El Mariachi on your palate, it does!

It's a great backyard taco, so make sure to get Soho for your wedding or corporate event or anything. But remember: if you're wanting the Desperado–and you definitely should–gonna have to get it by April because once May rolls around, Zambrano puts it in his Hall of Fame called Instagram.

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