Eat This Now: Dim Sum at Mint Leaf

My Thuan is your standard Vietnamese supermarket complete with an open seafood market, produce, Asian snacks and staples. And all the way in the corner is an excellent dim sum restaurant called Mint Leaf. It’s more of a to-go place, though there are some tables and bar seats off to the side for dining in.

This spot offers a quick-service dim sum fix at an affordable price (be prepared to order way too much food). Stick with the classics—chewy shu mai, char siu bao (fluffy steamed BBQ pork buns), cheong fun (slippery rice noodle rolls), crispy fried shrimp balls and creamy egg custard tarts. With dim sum served all day, you’ll never have to wait an hour in line at some overpriced banquet hall ever again.

Mint Leaf (Located inside My Thuan Supermarket), 8900 Westminster Blvd., Westminster, (714) 707-7823;

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